Zymedyne is a Calgary-based Biopharmaceutical company that aims to develop non-opioid treatments for chronic, neuropathic pain.

Founded by pain researchers Dr. Gerald Zamponi and Dr. Chris Bladen, their technology is based on targeting specific proteins called “T-type” calcium channels that are known to be crucial in pain signalling, and are involved in other neurological and genetic diseases.

Chronic pain is one of the most serious health challenges that faces society today and current therapies are not universally effective and often have detrimental adverse effects, such as weight gain (Gabapentinoids), respiratory depression and addiction (the opioid crisis). As a result, many patients are left with unmanaged chronic pain and new approaches are sorely needed. 

Zymedyne holds the IP on a newly discovered molecular mechanism that causes increased T-Type calcium channel expression and elevated pain signals. This non-opioid dependent mechanism provides an exciting avenue for finding drugs that can regulate pain without the detrimental side effects of opioids. We are currently developing and refining small organic compounds that target this mechanism. Our aim is to continue developing these and other ion channel targeting compounds, with the ultimate goal of providing safer, non opioid-based pain-relieving alternatives to chronic pain sufferers.